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As a faith-based community development corporation (CDC) AWAKE Incorporated develops initiatives that deal with the causes of problems in ways that build on the strengths of the people and community.   This approach is known as asset-based community development , and runs counter to the more common "need-based" model of community development.

AWAKE Incorporated is outcome-oriented, striving for a healthier, sustainable community.   All programs and initiatives at AWAKE are conceived with sustainability in mind, and must be:

•  Desired and needed by the community
•  Financially viable
•  Mission appropriate

AWAKE Incorporated uses value-centered, solution oriented initiatives to convert life challenges into possibilities through community efforts which evolve from commitment to self-help and determination. Our service initiatives and aspirations include:

Affordable Housing & Economic Development

  • Independent Living/Housing
  • Permanent Rental Housing
  • Home Ownership (education)
  • Real Estate Development/Housing Construction

Employment & Workforce Development

  • Youth Development
  • Job Generation
  • Work Adjustment Training
  • Media/Technical Training

Family & Youth Support Services

  • Child Development
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Parent Training/Counseling
  • Family Reunification
  • Primary Health Care
  • Addictions/Mental Health Services
  • Debt/Credit Counseling

Senior Assistance

  • Extended Day Care/In-Home Care
  • Assisted/Supported Living
  • Community Residential
  • Day/Social Programs
  • Primary Health Care

Community Development

  • Small Business Development /Expansion
  • Employment Training Center
  • Cultural Affairs/Events
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